Finnish, Roman, Japanese, Turkish, Russian-national features of useful saunas for health of the person not to count. But all of them are connected with thermal influence on an organism (because is still criosaunas with low temperatures) - either damp, or dry, or these modes alternate. The Turkish sauna is useful to health of the person with healthy respiratory system, asthmatics - is exact not among regular customers. Habitues of a sauna test in it a condition close to euphoria.

Dry sauna (Finnish) - humidity of air from 20-30 %, temperature from 90 to 140 degrees. Doctors recommend such procedures even to children and unprepared adults.

Training plus

What occurs in an organism when we are soared in a sauna? Our biochemical factory starts to work in the strengthened mode therefore the main thing - not to overdo with "easy pair" and temperature. The useful sauna for health of the person, positively influences organism general provisions


As soon as the person gets to a zone of heats, in an organism the mechanisms responsible for return of superfluous heat join not to admit a body overheat. This process is called as thermoregulation. We strenuously redden, skin pores extend, allocating sweat. Scientists have counted up, that for one campaign in cayну at the person 0,5-1,5 litres of sweat can be allocated. With it there are toxins

Impellent reactions

And here after 20-minute stay these indicators worsen. To leave important in time - optimum time of 10-20 minutes

Heart and vessels

From heats blood circulation is accelerated, pressure raises, and the cardiovascular system starts to work more actively. For ours моторчика the sauna good if only to choose a clever safe mode (work of warmly vascular system renews in 15-20 minutes). But as soon as longer to be late in steam - and palpitation can become accelerated, the chairman will twirl. Then do not hesitate, leave a steam room.


Under the influence of heats and steams are reflex narrowed vessels of lungs, breath becomes frequent is a protective reaction of an organism to an overheat. The volume of lungs increases, from it and the skin breathes twice more actively. This feature of saunas can be used to people with diseases of bodies of breath (provided that there are no contra-indications). If air in a booth to humidify with use of special infusions, broths (to rumple, needles, eukaliptus) you receive excellent inhalation, and at the same time and will get rid of an unpleasant by-effect for-cold cold.

The muscular device

Heat softens a connecting fabric of muscles and does by their more elastic, from it pressure in muscles weakens. Dairy acid then is fast deduced from an organism - a by-product of intensive physical activities. Therefore попариться after sports training it is very useful.


The useful sauna increases blood circulation in a skin, smoothes small wrinkles (that is why say, that the pair rejuvenates). In connection with an overheat of integuments (first 2 minutes - to 40-41 degrees on their surface) small skin vessels extend and filled with blood. What it is necessary to remember necessarily, visiting a sauna, - about obligatory preventive antiseptics means. Whether it is not enough as our organism can react on unusual changes of the temperature environment - it is necessary to help for it to cope with possible overloads.


It is undesirable to eat during acceptance of steam baths - the meal is badly acquired, especially fibers. And the fat meal and especially spirits with ruin operate on heart and liver. Be limited to grassy teas.

Cold, be protected!

Sauna - an excellent board for colds not only for kids. Adults who visit a steam room 2 times a week, catch a cold in 2 times less often, than usually. Scientists have proved, that if in a sauna to breathe the hot air, which temperature above 80 degrees all activators  diseases perish. According to last scientific data, the sauna is capable to destroy more than 200 kinds of viruses! Besides in the weakened condition (namely in the such are in a sauna), the immune system becomes more active. The raised quantity of hormones which resist to cold and flu viruses comes to a blood-groove. Physicians have counted up, that twice a week it is quite enough 30-minute visiting of a dry sauna for increase of resistibility of an organism different infections. Besides, despite of existing thought that  illnesses it is bad, immunologists consider differently: cold is a self-cleaning of an organism from slags which have collected in it. And what, how water and hot pair promote their fastest exit from an organism? There are also national features of struggle against cold. Chineses, for example,  having had a fit of coughing, for treatment successfully connect a sauna to massage, using chemical preparations only in extreme cases.

Children and pair

According to statistics, at small habitues of saunas the risk to catch a cold and fall ill the gift decreases on 80 %, and for nerves. Children who visit a steam room, are more rare одногодков suffer depressions and neurosises. But to steam the fumes it is necessary reasonably: till three-four years doctors recommend a sauna not more often once in a week. Before and the main thing - is obligatory to consult to the doctor, or not for the child of contra-indications. At the first visiting the temperature in парильне should be not above 80-90 degrees, and duration of visit - it is no more than one and a half-two minute, for small "sauna mans" - a maximum five minutes. The child can plunge into cold pool only after will take a cool shower and its body выстынет. With humidity too be accurater: doctors think, that a damp sauna - not the best place for the child till 14 years. The easiest variant - the Finnish sauna with dry pair and temperature not above 100-110 degrees.

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